Blogging 101: A Spruced Up Inspiration

2 Ltr Beer GlassTwo posts in a day, and frankly this is a record for me. First was visiting new Blogs, and also sprucing up my theme (a brighter one) and updating my side bar (FB Page link and a change of the Bloggers widget).

The second theme on which this post is based is to put up a post based on one of the comments that I left on the Blogs. Of the bloggers that I had the opportunity to visit anew, the one that inspired me on my next post was Sharon Greene (@rosiecb77)

4 Times and Counting being her Blog, I did wonder what is was all about. As I delved more, found that she was a Lawyer, a Cancer survivor, and it was not once or twice, but four times that she went and beat the odds. I did wonder (on a lighter note), whether her being a Lawyer made any difference? After all, they do have an uncanny knack of finding a loop-hole in every road block 🙂

What I learnt from Sharon was that despite being down and out, the  fight or life never stopped. 25 years and on and the fight still goes on. I have always considered myself to be an optimist, I always believe that no matter how bad the day is, it could have been worse, and what we have today is wonderful, despite all the odds, here is Sharon, who is living proof of that ideology or belief as one may call it.

We all have our ups and downs, we all get badgered with shades of bad luck, we all attain heights only to come down, sometimes lightly, some times with a thud. The slightest speed breaker in the road of our life, or the smallest stone that we may step upon and wince for a moment, or limp for a day, brings out the worst in us. We not only see negativity, but also promote it all around us, simply because we are unable to handle a bit of a wave in our life.

Stating that one is strong is very easy, and it is only when the chips are down, is our true strength visible. There are many people around the world, who have bigger problems than we have, issues that could relate to either physical, mental or financial worries, and yet, what we fret and make an issue in life are simple things about our Coffee being delivered cold, or being stuck in traffic for 45 minutes, even though we are in an Air conditioned car, with a driver driving through the maze.

I know bad luck  is bad, but then there are many a times, when there are not many choices that we get in life. Do we just lose hope and cry, and blame all the Gods that we have heard of and know, and suddenly become pious only to be fine, or do we take it on the chin and learn to move on. Being down, could be temporary, could be long-term, could be permanent, but what is key and critical is the ability to stand with our chin up and taking it face on.

We pride ourselves and always want to be introduced or known as brave warriors, but when it does come to a test of a warrior, most simply whimper down  to a goat. Are we as human beings so fallible?

I would like to humbly dedicate this post of mine (and of course the Beer Jug) to Sharon Greene, has been an absolute pleasure in stopping by her Blog (many thanks to the Daily Post for this opportunity), and her wonderful reads on her continuing to beat the odds and at the same time, inspiring me to continue in believing what I do. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and every dark cloud will have a silver lining, be it how dark, or how long. What matters is that we do not lose hope.

Thanks again, Shannon.


About asarpota

Like to fly, but at the same time, quite on the ground, and do tend to be realistic. Very passionate about what I believe in and do, no patience with idiots, not a perfectionist, but trying to come close to it.... Not a nerd btw, value my friends very much, can criticize and have the b***s to take it on my chin. A spade is a spade!!!
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2 Responses to Blogging 101: A Spruced Up Inspiration

  1. Damyanti says:

    Thank you Rajesh, and Sharon, for this message of hope and perseverance.

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  2. Wow! I am overwhelmed by your post. Thank you so very much! I don’t know if being a lawyer helped me find the loopholes to stay alive. I usually put it down to sheer dumb luck. Many people who I consider far more worthy than me, especially my mother, have died from cancer while I still find myself alive. I guess I have yet to fulfill whatever purpose I was put on this earth to do.

    Thanks again! Your blog is awesome.

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