Reservation Please

My only tryst with reservations has been when I have been travelling or booking an online ticket to a movie, or probably even going for a meal at a Restaurant. Well, one could probably add a few more scenarios of booking a cab, reserving a time with your boss for a meeting, reserving a date, withholding a favorable opinion or also as in some countries, an area or a tract of land set for a specific community.

Certain countries, however take reservations to another plane. There it implies seats booked in colleges, jobs reserved in Government facilities, quotas in schools and possibly access to various other facilities. Nothing wrong with that, I would state at the outset, every country has it’s share of economically sound and not so economically sound set of communities, and those that are financially weak, or economically not set in the mainstream of the hustle and bustle, governments aim to give them certain preferences to move on in life. After all, if you are educated, you have the means to progress.


Apolitically speaking, it was quite an interesting twist to suddenly see a young lad barely into his twenties, unknown to the world at large and probably even his state or for that matter, his community to spring into instant stardom supposedly championing the cause of millions of his community to demand reservations or quota rights, as his community was suffering and backward.

HP4What has been interesting is the manner in which the movement has gathered storm. Caste based reservation and quotas have long been a champion cause in India and every politician worth his salt, knows that only too well. With a bulk of the population below the poverty line and the economically well off society, not too much involved in how Governments run, it is this caste based division in society, that literally makes or breaks governments. They hold the key to who can come in power, and who can easily be thrown out. Those who appease them at the cost of development, rule, those who do not are shown the exit door. So what difference does it make, if one continues to divide these citizens, since they themselves do not care as long as they get their few dollars? Or Pennies. Kingdoms have been built and brought down on divide and rule. What is a Government?

Demanding or requesting for reservations is nothing new. But what is worrying about this is the manner in which the quota stir and the movement that this has been commenced with. One does not see these movements unless there is a mass erosion in the framework of the social structure or a mass uprising against a corrupt regime. Hundreds of thousands of people converging into a single location, a supposedly youth leader urging people to stand up for their rights, failing which even resort to violence and arson, including turning into a rebel. Demands compounded by threats that if we do not get what we want, we will show the Government! Is that not tantamount to terrorism?

HP2As one reads more of his interviews and the unabated coverage by the media channels, who in today’s world are seemingly a mini Government by themselves, with some stating that the nation wants to know everything, it dazzles the mind into thinking, what is the future holding for one? With every community wanting their share in a pie that is controlled by a few, with every politician wanting to rule the roost for decades and then passing the bastion to his children, irrespective of the fact that they may be able or not, with empty shallow promises not lived up to by political parties and more such in the pipeline in every election, where does it leave a non-backward class person?

Seats are sold in colleges, admissions are procured through the backdoor, Government jobs sold to bidders or transferred to the next of kin in a family when the senior retires, positions of growth are dependent on what class of community one belongs to, as that is a major factor for parties to ensure their continued vote banks, bright students miss out opportunities, simply because they were not born in a low-caste or a Schedule Tribe, irrespective that the position may remain vacant for want of a person meeting the requirements from that particular reservation quota.

HPSeemingly the frustration levels grow within the educated people, making one wonder, is it even worth it to spend so much and study, and if you have, why waste your life in a country that does not value meritorious people. Of course, this may not be 100% true, there are many that make it to the top based on their capabilities, but those that are lost out in this race for Quotas and reservations far outnumber those that actually benefit or are interested to benefit from them.

It is indeed a dangerous trend that threatens to engulf the very core of democracy and a nation. Yes democracies provide rights to people and all citizens of a country deserve the same equal treatment (which in reality is a far cry from what it should be), however the system too needs an overhaul else risks breaking down in totality. A civilized society follows a path to attain progress, however if that is hampered by self-centered people, who put themselves first prior to everything else, society does risk a mass collapse of the very ethos that it is built around.

HP6Is this the beginning of the end, as the doomsayers believe and live in? Would the world be consumed first by internal strife’s and unrests, rather than Global warming, melting glaciers and disappearing forests? Do people not realize that reservations in what ever respect, have a greater tendency to pull back growth, rather than promote it.

My other question is: If all the reservations and quotas are for humans, who will our canine friends, the free of the wild complain to?


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Like to fly, but at the same time, quite on the ground, and do tend to be realistic. Very passionate about what I believe in and do, no patience with idiots, not a perfectionist, but trying to come close to it.... Not a nerd btw, value my friends very much, can criticize and have the b***s to take it on my chin. A spade is a spade!!!
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