A simple question got me thinking. If there was one person in the world, living or dead that you could have dinner with, who would it be?

The attached video was part of a message that I received. Simple note to all those who read this post. Answer the question, if possible write down your answer and then play the video on this link.

NB: Could not upload the video as WP did not have the functionality. The video is a forward, ownership vests with Masterfoods

About asarpota

Like to fly, but at the same time, quite on the ground, and do tend to be realistic. Very passionate about what I believe in and do, no patience with idiots, not a perfectionist, but trying to come close to it.... Not a nerd btw, value my friends very much, can criticize and have the b***s to take it on my chin. A spade is a spade!!!
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One Response to Choices

  1. Alok Singhal says:

    I would like to have it with God, just have so many questions for him 🙂


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