Food.. For Thought

A Cyclist – is a disaster for the economy:

  1. He does not buy the car and does not take a car loan.
  2. Does not buy vehicle insurance.
  3. Does not buy fuel.
  4. Does not use the services of repair shops and car washes.
  5. Does not use paid parking.
  6. Does not become obese.
  7. Yes, and well, dammit !

*Healthy people are not needed for the economy. They do not buy drugs. They do not go to private doctors.* *They do not increase the country’s GDP !*

On the contrary, every new McDonald’s outlet creates 30 jobs:

10 Dentists, 10 Cardiologists and 10 Weight Loss Experts.

Irony is – we prefer the latter!


About asarpota

Like to fly, but at the same time, quite on the ground, and do tend to be realistic. Very passionate about what I believe in and do, no patience with idiots, not a perfectionist, but trying to come close to it.... Not a nerd btw, value my friends very much, can criticize and have the b***s to take it on my chin. A spade is a spade!!!
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3 Responses to Food.. For Thought

  1. Bike shops, clothes and freedom


  2. Alok Singhal says:

    Healthy people add to the economy, though it can’t be measured as such. Think about many not visiting hospitals or causing accidents on the road.

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    • asarpota says:

      Agree Alok – That is what drives the economy and ensures that it does not fail, yet unfortunately it is measured as to how many can be brought under the scope declaring them sick — that is a huge business — Cheers – Rajesh

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